Training 8: In Depth On Politics, Power Play, Ethics & Integrity

When should you follow this training?

When you experience too much politics and power play combined with too little ethics and integrity. And when this behavior is making your organization a neglected, non-agile, and unhealthy organization.


Key topics covered

The recruitment and talent development cycle are often influenced by politics and power play. Understanding your own natural power base, how you are perceived, and how you handle conflict. Why politics and power play lead to non-agile organizations. Learning to use the sixteen negligence parameters. Why do you need “old school” ethics. What makes “agile organizations” different?

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Why Is This Training Program Different?

  • Some of the challenges you are confronted with are not solvable using ‘normal approaches’, standard methodologies and tools. In fact “Business Transformation”, when looked at in its full maturity, is a very broad domain.
  • The full program follows a logical pattern, to help you keep your overview and to connect the dots.
  • We give you some pre-read work and ask you to prepare your own case relating to the specific training you will be attending.
  • We give you a detailed syllabus, but only show the models ‘real live’ that will help you to get your head (and hands) around the topics you are facing.
  • You will also learn how your peers in other organizations are doing and what they face.


Simply put:

We look at your challenges in a down-to-earth and pragmatic way, allowing multiple angles, and using the experience of the participants and the trainer.

Most of all, we liberate what is inside you, but what you don’t yet understand or show, in order to deal with the topics at hand.


Target Group

  • Business Analysts, Project Managers, Program Managers, Quality Assurance Managers, Change Agents, Facilitators Of Transformation, Organizational Designers and Business Coaches.
  • HR Practitioners, Line Managers often involved in projects and/or programs.
  • Senior and Principal Level in these fields.


Training Content

The main topics we will handle, refer to and/or look at are:

  • What should solid leadership look like?
  • How office politics influences the promotion cycle of true high potentials. Why don’t they grow through to their potential
  • How politically savvy are you? And how easily do you bend? Do you want to keep on operating like this?
  • Understanding the link between power, self-interest, ego and biases.
  • Learning to understand and heal neglected organizations is not an easy thing to do. It requires a special kind of
    transformational guides.
  • Diving into “old school” ethics.
  • How to attract, develop and maintain people with high ethics and integrity. And why you should not make concessions in
    doing so?
  • What makes “agile organizations” different?
  • What nature teaches us on healthy environments...!
  • Why you really need to thoroughly understand ... I-TRAC!



Marc Van Obberghen, Strategic Transformational Leader & Seasoned Organizational Guide.


Duration & Dates

  • This is a 3-day training.
  • Starting at 09.00 am till 17.00 pm. Precise dates, per period can be found on our website.
  • The training material is in English. The training however is given in the Dutch language.



  • € 2.180, Excl. VAT. Including drinks, lunch, one book, the training material, and additional reading material.
  • This training can be followed, using the KMO Portefeuille.
  • Our License Number is DV.O216943.



We try to use a training location in the center of the regions where the trainees come from.


Payment Condition

The complete invoice amount is due before the start date of the training. And needs to be paid no later than one month in advance of the start date of the training.



In case of cancellation, there will be no refunds. A colleague however can take your place.

Carve (Y)our Future® Program is © 2018 Vade Ad Cor. All rights reserved. No part of the training may be reproduced, communicated or disseminated without Vade Ad Cor’s prior and written authorization. By participating in the training you confirm that Carve (Y)our Future® Program is Vade Ad Cor’s exclusive (intellectual) property.


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Training 8: In Depth On Politics, Power Play, Ethics & Integrity

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