You want to play ball?


Our key differentiators.

We believe you need to have a special kind of people, we call them strategists, to heal and vitalize organizations.

Our “Six Chambers” model helps you to identify what you are up against from a complexity perspective. Or, phrased differently, we help you to understand the “combat readiness” of your troops.

Our “Stop & Go” model on the other hand, will help you to look at “fears and courage”, when you are guiding individuals and organizations.


Different degree of complexity requires a different kind of officers and troops.

When you have tame, critical or wicked problems, then you respectively need people capable of dealing with tame, critical or wicked problems. It’s that simple…!

Dealing with them requires a different kind of preparedness and leadership. That is why we developed three cycles in our Carve (Y)our Future® Program. Foundation, Growth and Mastery.

But who helps you, to look at you? That is where The Way Of The Sherpa® Program kicks in. It focusses on you as a transformational guide and on how you will guide people under difficult conditions.


Do it yourself or assisted?

We strongly believe that you need to train and do. Then train additionally, each time enhanced by missions in the field.

A mix of learning and doing real life!

So, we only provide resources if we, jointly, come to the conclusion that you are understaffed quantitatively and/or qualitatively.


Who do we want to serve?

Organizations that are prepared to follow the “train, then coach, then deploy” strategy.

And that truly and courageously want to invest in growing organically, creating vitality, and dealing in a self–confident way, with what the future brings.

By investing seriously, in authentically developing their people!