Off the beaten track reading material ... !

Working in the Organizational Science and Business Transformational field of expertise requires that you understand that certain things need to be looked at and understood from a conventional or a un-conventional point of view.

Here below you will find some “off the beaten track” reading material.

By author:

  • Andy McNab / SAS Commando
    • On chipping down ego’s and dealing with arrogant leadership.
  • David H. Petraeus / Counterinsurgency Field Manual
    • On conducting counterinsurgency operations using intelligence, leadership and diplomacy.
  • Eliyahu Goldratt / The Goal
    • On constantly asking the clarifying ‘why’ question and on checking the weakest link in the group.
  • Hilary Scarlett / Neuroscience For Organizational Change
    • On how change impacts our motivation and brain, and vise versa.
  • Joost Kampen / Emotional Abuse And Neglect In The Workplace
    • On neglected organizations and how to heal them.
  • Kerry Patterson / Crucial Conversations
    • On effective communication when the stakes are high.
  • Marcus Aurelius Antonius / Meditations
    • On ethics and integrity.
  • Nicolas Hagger / The Rise And Fall Of Civilizations
    • On the common characteristics predicting systhemic failure.
  • Otto Scharmer / Theory U
    • On empathic an generative listening and allowing futures to emerge.
  • Paulo Coelho / The Pilgrimage
    • On finding your path and and dealing with the challenges you encounter.
  • Steven Pressfield / Do The Work
    • On dealing with resistance and struggle in ‘long haul’ projects.
  • Sun Tzu / The Art Of War
    • On strategy and tactics.
  • Tracy Gross / The Last Word On Power
    • On individual leadership and empowering people.
  • Willem Elsschot / Soft Soap - The Leg
    • On manipulation and guilt.