Transformational Coaching

Within the transformational coaching approach we soundboard and guide the target group(s) that might real life still need some additional coaching to get a full handle on what they are up against. These target groups are:

  • Participants to our Carve (Y)our Future® Program
  • Participants of our The Way Of The Sherpa® Program


Business Coaching

Within business coaching we soundboard and guide the target group(s) in their personal development track or career re–orientation. These target groups are:

  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Transformational Leaders


Individual Career Coaching

  • We all tend to struggle from time to time with our careers. What is my next step, do I go for another field of expertise, how do I plan this next step, do I have the right skills or should I change company all together?
  • We help you to explore these kind of questions.


Individual Life Coaching

  • Sometimes things don’t evolve anymore the way they used to. This could mean that a thorough reflection on the future path to follow might be useful.
  • We tend to use a 16 to 24 hours approach, spread over a several months’ time, divided over 8 to 12 sessions. Two reports on talents/competencies and personality are included in this approach.